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For all you waxing professionals and at-home waxers we have the perfect Regine Tweezer for YOU! When you wax do you get left with a few unruly hairs behind that the wax just won’t grab?

Our Regine Waxing Tweezer will grab those hairs for you EVEN if there’s wax left on the hair.

That’s right, it’s time to upgrade and get an effective hair removal product that works after your wax is complete…

Here are the reasons why…

regine waxing tweezer world's best tweezers etched perfectly aligned inner tips

  • Our Regine Waxing Tweezer is favored by professional waxers, estheticians, and electrologists. Check out our “Reviews” Highlight section of our Instagram which is….@reginetweezers (follow and share your experience, we promise that you’ll love our products).
  • This unique tweezer is Ideal for meticulous chin, leg, and body hair removal after waxing to remove the hairs that wax misses.
  • The Regine Waxing Tweezer easily removes body hair on any area of the body, think or coarse, even the most stubborn hairs.
  • The sharp pointed tip (but blunter than the splinter tweezer) is precise and will avoid any abrasions on recently waxed skin so you won't damage or break the skin.
  • You can use the Regine Waxing Tweezer sideways for a larger gripping of the skin surface and you can use the point of the tweezer for stubble and ingrown hairs. 
  • We highly recommend that you always use your Regine Waxing Tweezer on clean skin without any lotions, oils, or makeup so you can keep them lasting a lifetime.
  • Our Regine Tweezers Waxing Tweezer comes with a LIFETIME guarantee so you can buy with confidence. 
  • You will never have to sharpen them - even with this tip!
  • Here’s the best part - the wax that you use can be easily removed from these Regine Waxing Tweezers with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to always keep them clean.

regine waxing tweezer world's best tweezers switzerland etched aligned tips wax esthetician

When you purchase these low maintenance, high-quality performance Regine Waxing Tweezers you are investing in your skin!

Create the possibility for clear, clean, and skin that you can feel confident in.