Tweezing Tips: The Proper Way to Use Tweezers

Tweezing Tips: The Proper Way to Use Tweezers

Tweezers are a basic essential in your cosmetics pack. Sometimes we only have one pair and we use it for various things. It is recommended to have more than one type of tweezers for more effective hair removal. Here we are going to talk about tips on how to use tweezers and the different types of tweezer tips as well.

Tweezer Tips: The Best Way to Use Tweezers

1. Always use tweezers on clean skin without any lotions, oils, or makeup. Better yet, give your face a good wash before you do to remove any excess oils or debris. It will ensure you get the optimum grip on unwanted hairs.

2. And even better still, the best time to tweeze is after a hot shower when your pores are opened up. This makes it even more effortless to remove those pesky hairs in a flash!

3. Invest in a good magnification mirror. This will help you see every little detail on your face and zero in on the hairs you want to tweeze away without pulling out and you don’t.

4. Know your arch limits. Before you set out tweezing, define your brows by marking the shape you want with a brow liner. This will help keep you from plucking out any hairs that you don’t want to lose and help you shape your brows to frame your face beautifully.

5. Sterilize tweezers after each use with a small amount of rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth or cotton ball, and then dry well. This will keep them in pristine condition forever and will prevent the transfer of bacteria and keep your skin clean and healthy.

6. To ensure your tweezer tips stay in alignment and to maintain our tweezer guarantee, always keep the end cap on tweezers. We can’t guarantee our perfection if you don’t take care of your tweezers as recommended. It takes just seconds to cap it up and store away safely until your next use.

7. To protect the tweezer’s tip so that it stays in line, do not press them too hard because they may become deformed and lose precision.

8. Never drop your tweezers. Dropping them will warp the tip and throw your tweezers out of alignment.

9. Create your shape: Once you've determined how your brows should curve, outline your ideal arch using a soft, creamy brow pencil. Then remove only the hairs that fall above or below your self-made stencil.

10. When finished, wipe the tips clean with a disinfectant and make sure you dry the entire piece before storing the tweezer in a dry place or in a dust-free leather sheath to prevent rusting.

Different Types of Tweezers

Straight tip Tweezers: This shape provides a firm grip of the hair to be removed, ideal for longer hairs. The edge can easily grasp the hair while the point can be used for the more precise plucking.

Slant-Tip Tweezers: The perfect tip to grip the hair without poking yourself with a sharp tip and a favorite for quick eyebrow plucking.

Point-tip Tweezers: This tweezers tip is ideal for tweezing very difficult or ingrown hair, maximum precision to remove them quickly.

Round-Tip Tweezers: It’s a special shape that allows you to grip many hairs at once. The rounded tip makes this kind of tweezer much safer, as the risk of accidentally stabbing yourself while tweezing is significantly reduced.

Arched-Claw Tweezers: It’s special shape allows you to see what hairs you have trapped clearly, especially the very short ones.

There are plenty of videos and tutorials on social media. If you know any tweezing tips we missed, tell us in the comments below. I hope this information helps!