Tweezers Tips: Remove Hair The Right Way!

Tweezers Tips: Remove Hair The Right Way!

How many times have you purchased tweezers and they disappointed you?

The number one comment we hear from our customers, we have a drawer full of tweezers that just don’t work!!

  • They never worked... to begin with. 
  • They stopped working over a period of time.
  • They got rusty.
  • They became misaligned because they were made of flimsy material.

You are not the only dissatisfied tweezers buyer and that’s why we created a solution for you…


When you purchase a Regine Tweezers product you are investing in a life long tweezers that will ALWAYS be there for you.

  • You can expect Regine Tweezers to grab the unwanted hair from the root every time.
  • You can expect Regine Tweezers to NEVER need sharpening (NO seriously, we mean it!)
  • You can expect to never spend money on another tweezering tool ever again.

The reason why your tweezers don’t last is that they are made of subpar material, in a mass-production factory, and you might not be taking care of them properly.

When you purchase Regine Tweezers here’s how you keep them in tip-top shape...

  • Always keep the bonus end cap on the tweezers so the tip is protected and stays in alignment. Sterilize tweezers after each use by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth or cotton ball, and dry well.

We pry ourselves on offering you products that we use on a daily basis because hair never stops growing...

You can expect nothing but premium quality when you buy a Regine Tweezer product.