Tweeze Tuesday: The Perfect Regine Tweezers Brows

Tweeze Tuesday: The Perfect Regine Tweezers Brows

Never underestimate the power of your brows! Your brows are the first facial feature that people notice as they frame your face and enhance your overall look. Believe it or not, your face is the gateway to endless opportunities since when you look good you feel the most confident. Now, here’s how you can create the perfect brows with Regine Tweezers expert, Fern Marcus, who is your guide to all things beauty!


First, identify the shape of your brow- 

  • Heart-shaped face: If your chin is the tip of the heart then your brows should be round to create a natural, soft, and feminine look that completes the shape of your face.


  • Oval-shaped face: If your face tapers towards the chin than angled eyebrows will soften your look but still help make your eyes be the center of attention.


  • Round-shaped face: If you have somewhat of a wide face then curved brows with a medium to high arch height will lengthen your face appearance.


  • Square-shaped face: If you have this type of face I suggest an angled eyebrow with a thick strong arch to create balance.


  • Long-shaped face: If your forehead to chin is elongated then a horizontal flat brow line or straight brow line will accomplish the illusion of a shorter face.


It’s important to comb your brows straight up with a double-ended brow tool or a mascara wand and then use slightly slanted eyebrow scissors to trim only the longest hairs staggering the length as you go before you begin tweezing your brows. You want to pluck any easily noticeable hairs that stick out longer than the others to create a uniform length look before you start shaping.


Creating perfect eyebrows is truly a work of art that has a lot to do with precision, application, and technique. You may want to disguise gaps or make your eyebrows look fuller by using a high-quality brow filler to make those brows pop!


Having clean, neat, and trimmed brows will keep your brows healthy and full for a long period of time. Using a quality premium tweezer brand like Regine Tweezers is a sure way to pluck your brow hairs without breakage which can be caused by other tweezer brands. Regine Tweezers is made of the finest quality premium materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime to keep giving your brows the much-needed maintenance they require. 


Check out the below video which will show you how to use quality premium Regine Tweezers to create the perfect brows for your specific face.


Enjoy and please reach out to us if you have any questions. Follow our Instagram account, @reginetweezers for all brow tips, and helpful tweezing advice.