Top Brow Styles 2020

Top Brow Styles 2020

Brows not only change your look they change your expression.

Brows are the first thing that people see when they look at you and your brows define your face and enhance your facial features. Whether your brows are bold, full, slim, bleached, semi-permanent, or filled with brow henna - you're making a statement!

Whichever style you’re going for is completely fitting if YOU like it!

Here are the things you need to know FIRST before you start creating your favorite brow enhancement.

Full & Thick Brows

Cara Delavingne is someone that comes to our mind when we think of full, thick brows and this trend is the style that has been around the longest and still a top favorite. Brow pencils or pomades are barely needed for these types of brows. Maybe a little brow tint would do but that's all you truly need to achieve this brow style.

Untouched Brows

When we think of untouched brows we think Gigi Hadid who slays that brow look. Similar to full, thick brows, this style is effortless - I mean effortless. Embrace what you have and LOVE your brows the way they are since you don't have to do anything to celebrate, you have nothing to worry about!

Slim & Skinny Brows

Yeah, that’s right, 90's brows, YES, but hear me out...not everyone is confident enough to have bushy, thick brows. There are some bold people out there that have overplucked their brows and can't grow their brow hair out again - it happens. Also, some people are just born with sparse, thin, eyebrow hair. IF this is you, you have options to repair your brows with serums and healthy alternatives BUT just so you know this thin brow style is making a comeback in 2020. Take what you got and run with it.

Brush up & Windswept Brows

Laminated brows are one of the methods of achieving brush up or windswept brows. It's our most favorite style because it created a neat and flattering look to any face. Even if you have a pair of sparse eyebrows, you can achieve this look by filling in the sparse areas with a skinny eyebrow pencil that’s one shade lighter than your brow hair - just brush up the brow hair and use a brow gel to set them up.

Straight Brows

If you happen to like watching Koreanovelas, this style is all too familiar to you. With this style, the brows naturally fall into a horizontal shape with little to no arches visible. If your eyebrows have a naturally high arch you need to fill in the bottom outer part of your brow and bring the tip of the brow towards the top of the ear to make them look straight. It’s all about precision and you got this!

Shadow Brows

Here’s a style that will just let you do whatever you want with your brows without even having to worry about being overly keen to detail how your brow look. This is a perfect quick-perk-me-up look for a Zoom video call which is all too familiar these days. Simply add a light powder (which is a shade lighter than your brow hair) and concentrate on the strokes to the right in the center of the brows. We suggest a natural finish to brighten and add dimension to your face.

All these brow styles are a great example of kept brows. You will have flyaways and unwanted hairs as you try to achieve these looks so use Regine Tweezers to get rid of those suckers!

Remember brows vary from person to person and everyone has various textures and hair density. No matter what type of brow hair you have, you can create a unique brow style of your own and make it yours. Feel good about it!