The Only 3 Types of Tweezers You Need

The Only 3 Types of Tweezers You Need

How many different types of tweezers do you have in your bathroom drawer?

Do you know what each type of tweezers you own was made for? When it comes to tweezers, you’re probably most familiar with the eyebrow shaping type. But there are actually different types of tweezers all created for different tasks. You shouldn’t be using the same tweezers to remove a splinter as you do to sculpt your brows.

A good tweezer set only needs three types to start: Slanted, curved, and precision. Each one is designed to do a different job. Regine tweezers create all three with expert precision and craftsmanship. Read on to see why these three types are essential for every household and what they’re used for.

Slanted tip tweezers for grooming

These are the type you probably use the most. Cosmetic tweezers can be used for personal grooming tasks like tweezing your brows or even pulling out that stray chin hair you get every now and then (it happens to all of us!).

These tweezers usually have a slanted tip to better work with the natural contours of the face. At Regine, we’ve meticulously studied tweezers for three generations and found that a 25-degree angle tip is perfect for grooming.

With the slant, you can use the perfectly aligned tips for more precise tweezing. We temper our steel two times over to harden the metal and make sure our tweezers never wear out and never dull. The interior of our tweezer’s tips is a hand-etched tip that helps you easily grip and remove the hair. With tips this precise, you’ll grab the one hair you want to remove on the first try, every time. If you want to tweeze a lot of hairs at once, use the flat part of the slant instead of the pointy tip. Get your slant-tip tweezers today.

Curved and oblique-tip tweezers for eyelashes

Are you someone who loves wearing false lashes? Have you ever been frustrated trying to pick up your lashes with your fingers or with non-curved tweezers? If so, then you need a pair of curved or oblique tipped tweezers. This type of tweezer is made for separating lashes and precise lash application, making the false lash process pleasant rather than frustrating.

With these tweezers, you’ll be able to quickly and easily pick up each eyelash and place it onto your eyelid with great precision. Because of their curve, you won’t need to maneuver your hand awkwardly to put the lashes on. But remember that these tweezers are sharp! You’ll want to be careful with them while you're working around your eye.

Precision tweezers for splinters

When’s the last time you had a splinter? Whether it was years ago or days ago, it probably won’t be the last time you ever get one. Next time you find yourself with a splinter, make sure you have a pair of precision-tip tweezers on hand for removal.

Regine’s precision splinter tweezers will remove anything embedded under your skin (ingrown hairs, thorns, glass, or splinters of any kind) with near surgical accuracy. The long pointed, tapered tips make this as easy and pain-free as possible. Just like our slant-tip tweezers, these tips will never wear out or go dull.

Because these tweezers are so pointy, make sure you have a steady hand whenever you’re removing something from under your skin. You also need to disinfect your tweezers after splinter removal with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to avoid transferring bacteria when you use them again. Be prepared next time you have a splinter, and get a pair of precision tweezers today.

The only three types you need

If you Google “types of tweezers,” you’ll find many different kinds from round tip to flat tip to a pointed slant tip, but in our opinion, the three we discussed above are the only three types of tweezers you’ll ever need.

At Regine, we make all three types of tweezers. We know the importance of precision craftsmanship and understand that our tweezers have so many uses in your life. It’s important that they work properly every single time. World’s Best Tweezers by Regine Switzerland are backed by over a century of tradition and our signature unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Before they’re shipped to you, our tweezers go through a 40-step handcrafting process. This means that each pair undergoes a microscope inspection to ensure perfect specifications (The right size, weight, and balance are very important!). So, whether you’re tweezing your brows, pulling out a splinter, or using false lashes, we have the right tool for the job. Shop our tweezers to create your perfect set.