The One Chin Hair

The One Chin Hair

Do you ever wake up in the morning and look in the mirror with shock and awe? We all have that one flyaway hair that pops up in the middle of the night and no one seems to know where it came from and how it got there so quickly.

We’ve ALL been there and Regine Tweezers is here to the rescue!

The last thing you want is a bad tweezer to break the ONE HAIR that’s bothering you and leave you with a “man stubble” for the entire day...

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Good thing Regine Tweezers managers more than just brows. Our tweezers facilitate full-face grooming from brow to chin and beyond!

You can say goodbye to that one chin hair that mysteriously pops up every other day and that’s because your tweezers aren’t doing you justice.

The hair is simply not being removed from the root and it’s being broken! When the hair breaks rather than coming out from the root, it’ll grow back in no time…

Purchase a brand you pair of Regine Tweezers and create a solution for yourself with a lifetime guarantee!


After you purchase one of our hand-made Switzerland premium Regine Tweezers this is what you’ll do…

When you are in a brightly lit room, look In the mirror, hold the skin taut, and pluck the chin hair from the ROOT.

We guarantee that sucker won’t pay a visit for a couple of weeks because our tweezers are precise with every single hair - fine or coarse.

You will NEVER have to worry about another irritating chin hair again!

We promise you that you will LOVE our product and rest assured that our quality, premium Regine Tweezers will give you the results that you want.