Removing a Splinter With Tweezers

Removing a Splinter With Tweezers

Best Tweezers for Splinter Removal

Tweezers are small instruments that can be used for different purposes within your home setup. You can use tweezers to pluck out unwanted hair, to remove stubborn splinters, or even to pick up small items from the ground.

Tweezers come in different styles as they are designed to accomplish different goals. Some have pointed tips, some feature slanted tips, while some are serrated. If you want to remove stubborn splinters or pluck out hair, you should consider using pointed tip splinters.

Regine tweezers are the best as they are handmade and designed for maximum efficiency. Regine is known as the manufacturer of the best tweezers for splinters and the best tweezers for eyebrows.

How to remove splinters using pointed tip tweezers:

Splinters are a common occurrence to both grownups and kids and you don't necessarily need to visit a doctor to help with splinter removal. You can easily remove the stubborn splinters if you have the right tweezers and follow our guide on how to remove a splinter online. To ensure that you can remove stubborn splinters from the comfort of your home, you need to purchase quality splinter tweezers.

You can trust Regine Switzerland to provide you with the best tweezers including tweezers for slivers.

Do you need a simple guide on how to remove a splinter? The process of removing splinters with the help of pointed tweezers for slivers is as easy as outlined below:

Purchase a good quality pair of tweezers.

The quality of the service you get depends on the type of tweezers that you purchase. Poor quality tweezers for slivers will ensure that your hair will break out as you try to remove it. You could also save the time you take to remove splinters if you have quality tweezers at your disposal.

Disinfect the pointed splinter tweezers

You will need to use alcohol or any home disinfectant to ensure that you disinfect the tweezers. The disinfection is important as it will ensure that you do not get infections that come from bacteria and viruses on the tweezers.

Identify the location of the splinter

You will need to identify the splinter on your body. If it is exposed, you can lift the skin on the injured area to access the splinter with your tweezers but if you cannot see the splinter, consider breaking the skin so that you can access the splinter easily.

Remove the splinter

Once the splinter is exposed and you can hold it with the tweezers, pull it out through the area it went in. Ensure that the splinter is removed completely to avoid any further damage to your cells.

Clean the wound

Once the splinter has been removed, use warm water and soap to clean the wound. Then use a face towel to dry the wound before dressing it well with a bandage.

How to remove hair from eyebrows using serrated tip tweezers made by Regine.

Are you looking forward to a time when you can be able to shape your eyebrows professionally without having to pay a beautician to do it for you? There are simple tools that you need to purchase and with our professional guide, you will be able to shape your eyebrows without any difficulties. Once you have purchased tweezers that feature serrated tips from Regine, you can follow the simple instructions below to pluck your eyebrows to your desired design.

Below are four simple steps to follow when removing hair from your eyebrows using Regine's serrated tip tweezers:

Identify the endpoints of your eyebrows

To identify the start and endpoints of your eyebrows, you will need to lay the tweezer against your cheek. Hold it in a manner that allows its open end touches the bottom of your nose while the other end touches the outer corner of your eye.

Determine the thickness of your brow

People have different brow sizes and it is critical for you to identify yours so that you can get a perfect touch. Using your pencil, draw a line that is designed to identify the bottom edge of your brow and ensure the line follows the natural shape of your eyebrow. This is because people have different shapes of eyebrows that can be straight, angled, or curved. Pluck any hairs that seem to be out of the line using your splinter tweezers and in most cases, brows are often a quarter to a half an inch thick.

Shape your arch

With the help of your mirror, ensure that the arch is pronounced in the outer iris while maintaining alignment with the brow bone. Using your pencil, draw a line on your lower, draw a line that identifies the bottom eye of your lower brow, and do away with the stray hairs.

Shape the tail

Shape the tail of your eyebrows properly using the pencil. Our experts' advice to our clients is to ensure that they make the tail thinner compared to the main part of the brow with a tapering end for a perfect look.