Regine Tweezers Secret Weapon

Regine Tweezers Secret Weapon

Today we want to introduce to you the stunning, Ms.Lola V, of the Sunshine State - Florida, who is a licensed esthetician and Regine Tweezers lover.

Lola came to us with one major problem…


We sent her a Regine Tweezers to care package to make sure that she never has that problem again.

She now has a hair removal secret weapon that will last her a lifetime…

The Slant Tip Regine Tweezer is no match for any thickness of hair!

The Slant Tip Regine Tweezer is no match for any ingrown hair!


The Slant Tip Regine Tweezer is your go-to lash application weapon!

Lola loves lashes and we all know that you need a GREAT pair of quality tweezers to create an effortless lash application experience.

Lashes are everything so let’s get into how to perfect your beauty routine with the only pair of tweezers that you’ll ever need in this easy three-step process.

Step 1:

Grab your favorite box of lashes, find a mirror, and make sure you have bright lighting.

Step 2:

If you are applying strip lashes - strip lashes have an invisible, or black band that keeps the lashes together and adheres directly to your lash line. Simply pick up the strip with your Regine tweezers by pinching directly in the middle, at the base of the strip. Once you’ve stuck the middle of the strip to your lash line, secure it by carefully pinching and pushing down until the middle of the strip is in place. Then, repeat these steps in the corner of your eye, where the lashes are shortest. After you’ve secured the inner corner with your tweezers, you’re at the last step. Repeat this process with the end of the strip lash, where the lashes are longest.

Tada! Beautiful bold lashes have never been this easy.

Step 3:

If you are applying individual lashes - individual lashes, out of the box, or lash extensions, are no match can be quickly applied on your natural lashes with our premium quality tweezers. Pick up each individual lash with your Regine tweezers, and place the lash onto your lash line, as close as you can! Ensure that your lash is secured and not moving by carefully pressing down with your tweezers.

You have just achieved a natural, flirty, wispy lash look!

Regine Tweezers is your hair removal solution and here to help with any hair removal problems.

Get yours today!