Product Spotlight: Splinter Regine Tweezer

Product Spotlight: Splinter Regine Tweezer

You inevitably will at some point in your life get that pesky ingrown hair, especially if you shave or wax. Unless you are superhuman it will happen and it will be uncomfortable. Not only are ingrown hairs painful but also an eyesore that can become a real problem if not dealt with properly.

We have all been there so we created a solution to get rid of those suckers!

Ingrown hairs are no match for the Splinter Regine Tweezer...

THIS is your go-to hair removal weapon.

Step 1:

Purchase 1 quality, premium, lifetime-guarantee Splinter Tweezers

Step 2:

Disinfect tweezers with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3:

Use one tip of the tweezers to "spring out" the hair, then grasping the hair between both tips, gently pull it out from the base.

Step 4:

Disinfect the area with antiseptic.

Splinter Tweezer Benefits

    • Accurately grabs any size or thickness of unwanted hair with ease. 
    • Allows picking of ingrown, acne, and ticks under the skin without damaging the skin.
    • Tip alignments pull hair from the root every time.
    • Tweezers' tip is extremely thin and small to reach the smallest to largest areas.
    • Requires low maintenance - quick sterilization to last a lifetime (guaranteed)

These Tweezers were created for one purpose in mind - PRECISION!

Check out what Ivette thought out about her new favorite Splinter Regine Tweezers that she uses to create clean, crisp, and bold brows with ultimate precision.

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