Perfect Your Brow Game: Tweezing as a Mature Woman

Perfect Your Brow Game: Tweezing as a Mature Woman

Tweezing as an older woman really doesn’t compare to how the youth of today tweeze

Teenagers often have huge bushy brows to work with, that grow back exactly the same after over-plucking. But as we age, our brows age with us.

Brow hairs become so much thinner over time, they take a long time to grow back, and they don’t often grow back into the same shape. Though this can be a godsend – because hey, that means we don’t have to tweeze as often! – it can be very annoying for a lot of people. Especially for those who want fuller, thicker brows.

What can we do to take care of our brows as we age? How do we tackle unwanted hair? Well, here are some tips and tricks to help.

Take care of your brows

After tweezing, make sure your brows are properly hydrated with a moisturizing serum. Older brows will thin with time, so they’re more prone to snapping when tweezed unless taken care of. Products that are packed with protective chemicals such as Keratin and Pantethine will stimulate hair growth.

Stick to products that are full of anti-aging properties such as retinol and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Milk Thistle and Chamomile.

Make sure you have the right tool

There’s no point in tweezing if you don’t have a good set of tweezers because a faulty pair can really do more harm than good. Taking a dull pair of tweezers to your brows will lead to the hair snapping or slipping. This not only damages the hair and gives you ugly black dots all over your brow area, but it can irritate your skin too.

For the sake of your brows, be sure to invest in a high-quality set. We recommend Regine Tweezers, handcrafted by Swiss craftsmen. Handmade tweezers are always more reliable as it’s the only way to ensure that each tip is perfectly aligned.

Regine Tweezers will always pull the hair from the root on the first try, and no hair will slip, slide, or break. The interior of the tip is etched to enhance the grip so thinnest smoothest hairs are removed without effort. So, give yourself a gift and invest in a pair of the World’s Best Tweezers.

Concentrate on a strong arch when shaping

The most important part of your chosen shape, particularly for more mature women, is the arch. Concentrating on getting the perfect arch that suits your face shape will make the entire look come together.

To find your natural arch, take a ruler or brow pencil and line it up where your inner brow begins. Mark where your brow angles off, then lower or heighten your arch to your preference. We recommend removing a little less hair than you think you need to, to make sure you don’t remove too much hair. Remove any strays and neaten out your brow’s tail, and you’re done!

Don’t neglect your facial hair

Tweezing isn’t only for your brows, you can use your cosmetic tweezers on all forms of facial hair. Regine Tweezers' tips have been designed to work with the delicate contours of the face.

Chin hair, upper lip hair, jawline fluff; we have hair all over our faces. Sometimes it’s not noticeable, but for those pesky random hairs that pop up where they’re not wanted, it’s time to remove them. Unlike with thicker brow hairs, you’ll need to tweeze with a lighter hand. Concentrate on making sure the tweezer is holding onto as much of the hair as possible and pull slowly.

If you want to stay truly stylish, you’ll need the best beauty tools out there. Regine over a century of experience, making tools for Rolex, Cartier, and Longeim. Our tweezers are handmade in Switzerland by trained craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to detail.

Regine tweezers are made from the finest hardened, surgical-grade stainless steel and feature a precise 25-degree angled slant tip perfect for grooming eyebrows. These precision instruments undergo a meticulous 40-step finishing process, with each tweezer going under microscope inspection to ensure perfect tip alignment and tension.

They are ideal for grabbing even the smallest and finest hair with ease or the thickest, deep-rooted stubborn hair. The tip is designed to easily grip and pull hair from the root every time, guaranteed.

See for yourself why we are the best

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