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We all have a drawer full of tweezers that just don’t work and we spend a small fortune on tweezers that don’t work.  Regine tweezers aren’t a one-time investment because you have them for life.  Here is your solution to dull, disappointing, and low-quality tweezers that just don’t last…

...introducing the Regine Slant Tip Tweezer is your tweezer for life.

With SO MANY tweezers being offered EVERYWHERE what sets us apart from them is that we back our products for life. The Regine Slant Tip tweezer is not a tweezer that you’ll have to replace in a few months (which is the same as throwing away money). What a waste! But not only that...all other tweezers create cuts, they aren't properly aligned, AND they break off your hair which causes ingrown and “black dots” to be left on the skin. Who wants that? NO ONE!

Here are the Regine Tweezers facts...

  • Our tweezers never tarnish nor do they become dull.

  • Our tweezers are perfectly aligned to pick up all hair from the root to avoid damaging the skin.

  • Our guarantee isn’t one of those (break it and replace, lose it and replace mumbo jumbo guarantees) see next point...

  • Our lifetime guarantee goes into effect the moment you purchase our tweezers. If at any time, your tweezers no longer perform as originally intended due to wear, workmanship, or even accidental damage, we will gladly repair or replace them at no charge. NO KIDDING!

  • Our guarantee in writing (PROOF!): Lifetime Guarantee

When we say “one tweezer for life” we mean it and we back it up with facts! Our quality, premium Regine Tweezers are a product that you invest in to give you the results that you want. Purchasing a new pair of our reliable, dependable, and remarkably precise tweezers mean that you are investing in your skin.

Here’s a recent review...

regine tweezers premium quality slant tip tweezer one pluck hair remover


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