How to Use the WAXING Tweezer

How to Use the WAXING Tweezer

If you are a beauty student in training, a thriving esthetician, or a beauty salon owner - we created a special tweezer just for you! We know that after a fresh wax there will be some hairs that just won’t make it out in the waxing process. As much as you want to pick up every hair, it’s inevitable that a few will remain so we came up with the perfect solution…

Regine Tweezers Waxing Tweezer!


Now, how is this tweezer better than any other tweezer and why do you need? Here’s why…

  • This handmade tweezer is specifically designed for body hair removal after waxing to remove the hairs that waxing misses.
  • Wax can easily be removed from the tweezers and offers calibrated tension and tip alignment for precision tweezing. 
  • Undergoing a meticulous 40-step manufacturing process, this tweezer guarantees perfect tension and tip alignment for easy tweezing.
  • This tweezer is made of surgical grade stainless steel assuring the tweezer is rustproof and durable.
  • With an unconditional lifetime guarantee, you are investing in a product that will last, produce the results that you want, and give your client the satisfaction of quick hair removal every time.


For best use, you will want to use the tweezer sideways for a larger gripping surface and the tip of the point for stubble and ingrown hairs. Remember, always tweeze on clean skin without any lotions, oils, or makeup for the waxing tweezer to work to its best ability. 

Fern Marcus, Regine Tweezers expert, will show you how to use the Regine Tweezers Waxing Tweezer in the video below. 

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