How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows with Precision

How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows with Precision

Use the right tool for the job

Have you ever gone to tweeze a stray hair from under your arch, and then when you pull it out, there are a lot more hairs in the tweezers than the one you wanted to remove? This is a common tweezing mistake and can happen when you’re using the wrong tools for a precise job.

When it comes to tweezing your eyebrows, precision is important because removing only the unwanted hairs gives you a properly shaped brow, rather than a sparse, patchy brow. To be extra precise, there are a few techniques and tools you can use next time you want to shape your brows. Read on to learn how to make sure you’re tweezing with precision each and every time.

Use a stencil

To get the most precise brow shape at home, enlist the help of a stencil. We know you probably haven’t used stencils since doing arts and crafts as a kid, but trust us, they are an essential brow-shaping tool.

Look for a stencil kit that comes with a few different options (like a high arch, low arch, and full arch), so you have your choice of shapes. Once you choose the shape you like best from your stencil kit, hold it onto your face with one hand, and trace it using a dark brow pencil with your other hand. Then, fill in that shape to create your tweezing guide or boundary.

Once you remove the stencil, you should see a few (or maybe a lot!) of hairs that aren’t part of the shape you colored in. Those hairs outside the shape are the ones you want to get rid of. We’re going for precision here, so make sure you remove only those hairs. Once you’re finished tweezing, wash off the dark, colored-in brow shape. You’ll notice that you have perfectly shaped brows that you won’t need to tweeze again for 3-6 weeks.

Invest in a magnifying mirror

We get it, sometimes you don’t want to look at your face when every pore is magnified five or ten times, but a magnifying mirror helps out a lot when it comes to precise tweezing. With one of our custom-designed Brow Tweezer Compact with 10x Magnifying Mirror, you’ll be able to see every single stray hair up close and personal.

When you’re using a magnifying mirror to help you tweeze, make sure you’re pulling out just one hair at a time. You might be tempted to pull out a lot of them at once, but since the goal is precision, stick to just one. Another tip? Slow down! Take time and make a real effort to be precise so you don’t get carried away. By tweezing one hair at a time and going nice and slow, you’ll be left with beautiful brows. When you’re finished, calm any redness or irritation from tweezing by applying a gentle moisturizer.

Get the right kind of tweezers

The best way to be precise when tweezing is to use a pair of tweezers designed to give you the most precise shape. A lot of mass-produced tweezers are dull or have misaligned tips, which causes them to be less precise and grab way too many hairs. But Regine tweezers are handmade by trained craftsmen in Switzerland, and the tweezers are designed for ultimate precision.

Our tweezer’s tips are angled at a 25-degree slant, which means they’re perfect for working with the curves and contours of your face. They’re designed to grab only the hairs you want to remove, and nothing more. Those hard to reach, under arch areas, are no match for Regine tweezers. Plus, we temper our tweezer’s surgical-grade stainless-steel two times to harden the metal, meaning they’ll never dull or rust. Tweezers that stay sharp forever are ideal for a precise job every single time.

It’s also important that precise tweezers have perfectly aligned tips. Even if a tweezer’s tips are off by a fraction of a millimeter, they won’t work well for you. When shopping for new tweezers, examine the tips closely. When you close the tweezers, the tips should match up perfectly, not be uneven or slip past each other. If they aren’t matching up, it means that they might slip on the hairs while your tweezing and not grab any hairs at all.

To ensure every pair of Regine tweezers has aligned tips, we use a 40-step handcrafting process that ends with each tweezer being inspected under a microscope before we ship them. We know that these will be the most precise tweezers you will ever use. We are so confident in our tweezers that every pair comes with a lifetime guarantee! Start getting a more precise shape and get a pair of Regine tweezers today.