How to Clean your Regine Tweezers

How to Clean your Regine Tweezers

June is in full bloom and so are your eyebrows! We hope that you are keeping those brows nice and tidy with our handmade top-rated and raved about line of tweezers.

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If you recently purchased a new pair of long-lasting quality premium Regine Tweezers here’s how you keep them looking clean and polished:
  1. You’ll want to use rubbing alcohol or antibac soap and hot running water to dislodge any hair, makeup, and oil - this process will eliminate bacteria on your tweezers. Fun Fact: Regine Tweezers are surgical grade stainless steel so they can be cleaned by Hospital grade sterilization and they will never rust or tarnish.
  2. Then you’ll need to allow your tweezer to air dry on a clean towel. FYI: When Regine Tweezers tips are cleaned they will work like brand new! We recommend keeping the red gummy end cap on the Tweezers so the tip is always protected. 
  3. When your tweezer is dry after a few minutes, you can start the hair removal process as needed.

The most important part you need to know about your tweezer is that it truly requires little to no maintenance as the quality of the tweezer was made to last.

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When you purchase any Regine Tweezers you have a lifetime guarantee so buy with confidence. 

Watch Fern Marcus, quality premium Regine Tweezers expert, show you how she cleans her tweezers after use.

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