Get to the Root: Why You Need to Pull Hair from the Root

Get to the Root: Why You Need to Pull Hair from the Root

Avoid the nasty side effects of partially removed hair with the right pair of tweezers

When you’re tweezing your eyebrows (or any other hairs you want to get rid of), the goal is simple: You want to remove unwanted hair until you get your desired shape and look. Tweezing is a great, affordable method of hair removal you can do it at home. Because tweezing usually removes the hair by the root, the hair grows back much slower than it does with other methods.

If the hair isn’t pulled out the hair by the root, there can be some negative side effects such as ingrown hairs. This typically happens if you’re using the wrong pair of tweezers for the job. Read on to learn what can happen if you aren’t tweezing properly and how to start doing it the right way.

When you don’t pull hair out by the root

If you’re using a dull pair of tweezers to remove unwanted hairs, it’s possible that the tweezers can slip on the hair or the hair can break. This happens because your tweezer’s tips are too dull, too sharp, or misaligned. And while it may look okay because you can’t see any hair on the surface, it can lead to a few problems later on.

The first issue is that broken hairs can turn into painful, ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs happen when the broken hair under your skin curls up and pushes its way to the surface, causing painful, inflamed bumps. If you’ve found yourself with a few ingrown hairs because of dull tweezers, treat them with a beauty product that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid acts as an anti-inflammatory and will calm down any redness you might be experiencing.

Next time you tweeze, get the right tools. Make sure you’re using a pair of tweezers that will never dull (Regine tweezers are perfect for this!).

When hair breaks in half, it also means that you’ll need to tweeze again much sooner. If you pull the entire hair out, it can take 3-6 weeks to grow back.

How to make sure you’re pulling hair out by the root every time

Tweezing is only effective when you do it the right way with the right tools. To guarantee you’re removing your eyebrow hair by the root, you need a great pair of precision tweezers. If you’re on the hunt for the best pair of tweezers, rest assured, your search ends here.

Regine tweezers are handmade in Switzerland by trained craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to detail. Regine tweezers are made from the finest hardened, surgical-grade stainless steel and feature a precise 25-degree angled slant tip perfect for grooming eyebrows and working with delicate contours of the face. These precision instruments undergo a meticulous 40-step finishing process, with each tweezer going under microscope inspection to ensure perfect tip alignment and tension.

If you want to remove hair by the root every time, you need tweezers with a precise tip that never dulls, and you’ve probably noticed that most tweezers on the market dull quickly.

Because Regine tweezers are made from hardened, surgical-grade stainless steel, they are rustproof and will never dull. Plus, the interior of our tweezers’ tips are hand-etched which creates a more enhanced grip to let you easily grasp and remove the hair by the root every time, giving you perfectly sculpted brows.

Regine has been in business for over 100 years and has made tools for Rolex, Cartier, and Longeim.

Get your pair of Regine tweezers today to start tweezing the right way and say goodbye to those pesky ingrown!