Finding the Perfect Brow Shape Based on Your Age: A Guide for the Over 30s

Finding the Perfect Brow Shape Based on Your Age: A Guide for the Over 30s

There's no need to spend extra money on a brow specialist to find your perfect brow shape. You can easily discover which shape and maintenance process is right for you based on different simple factors.

Face shape is a huge factor: Oval faces suit a soft natural brow, not too angular or sharp as this will widen your face awkwardly. Square faces work well with strong angular lines and high arches, accentuating your angular jawline. Round faces work best with soft and slightly curved brows, which keeps you looking doe-eyed. Rectangular faces suit much straighter and less-angled brows, keeping them far apart to emphasize the width of your face. Heart shaped faces look best with rounded, short brows, matching the roundness of your forehead.

On top of your facial shape, there’s also a perfect brow shape for every age group. Ageism peeks its nasty head on YouTube and Instagram, as their videos are mainly filled with brow shape tips for the under the 30s. If you’re having trouble deciding which brow shape is right for you, we have you covered.

35 to 45 years

Your thirties are the perfect time to embrace your natural beauty, focusing most on long-term brow treatments rather than quick fixes. Before you even pick up your tweezers, be sure to treat your brows to a nourishing serum or gel. Giving them daily attention will make it easier to take care of them in the future.

Since the focus is on natural, make sure you pick a brow shape that fits the flow of your true hair growth. If you have inherently soft rounded brows, then try and avoid tweezing them into a very sharp angular line. Don't try to change your brows dramatically, simply guide them.

Be sure to pinpoint which style of brow you naturally have, and work from there. There are many guides online to help work it out.

Just make sure to not over-tweeze the insides of your brows; keep the outline as neat as possible. This will make sure the body of your brow remains healthy while dealing with strays. After all, the more you pluck the same area, the thinner those hairs will grow back. This is due to damage to the hair follicle, so use this knowledge to ward away strays only.

45 to 55 years

Since your brows will change with age, your forties and fifties are a great time to experiment with new styles. Don’t be afraid to lower or raise your arch, lengthen your tail, or try out a completely new color.

Take a leaf out of the books of J-Lo, Elizabeth Hurley, or Laverne Cox and try out some straight and longer styles. This will make your eyes look wider and more awake. Over-plucking will be your downfall, so be sure to keep a neat shape and focus on making your arch as straight as possible.

Experimenting with microblading, brow dye kits, and different striking pomades will also give your most expressive feature a striking boost.

55 to 65 years

If you’ve ever wanted a surgery-free face-lift, then you can do that with the power of eyebrow shaping. It’s easy, safe, and totally reversible.

Creating a larger space between your brows, which in turn widens your eyes, will give the impression of a tighter face. Thinning out your eyebrow slightly at the bottom will allow your brow bone to shine, quite literally if you add some highlighter there also.

Choosing a steep arch will also accentuate the face-lift element, and give you a classic silver-screen look that’s to die for. Take inspiration from the golden-age Hollywood greats here, such as Myrna Loy, Ertha Kitt, and Rudolph Valentino; their brows were so sharp they could cause damage!

65 years plus

Our hair obviously gets lighter as we get older so you may find that your brows are whiter and less dense than they once were. To combat this, many people over-tweeze, over-fill, and make them way too dark.

You need to work with your natural brows to get the most organic results possible. With this in mind, make sure that your shape isn’t too thin, or too tattoo-like. Soft yet angular brows create that face-lift effect without the fakeness that harsh dark lines can cause on older skin. As with any age group, making sure your brows match the roots of your scalp will also keep things natural and elegant.

At the end of the day if you really want to rock skinny purple eyebrows, then you do you. So long as you do it with confidence, then you’ll pull it off regardless of the latest brow trends.

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