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Overcoming The Pandemic
We truly believe in your success and want you to be able to own affordable, quality, premium products that last so you can keep doing what you LOVE. Our lifetime-guarantee products are created for effective hair removal that everyone needs and wants. Without further adieu, here is a success story that we would like to share with you that warms our hearts…
“Hey, There Cool Cats!
My name is Alexander Ramos and I am an Esthetician and Business Owner in sunny Orange County, California! My oh my, what a treat it is to be able to share my story. If you’re reading this, here’s your daily reminder that you are beautiful, loved, and worth it!
So I’m originally from Fairbanks, Alaska. I know, shocking! But I moved to California back in 2014 to finish my degree in Music Education and Performing Arts. Shortly after, I traveled the world for 5 years teaching music. Once I settled down in California, I decided to jump headfirst into a new career as a skincare professional.
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Although I’ve only been a licensed esthetician for a year, I’ve been a certified makeup artist for almost 12 years! I remember as a kid watching these women I was performing with getting ready for shows. The way they looked, and looked at themselves, after finishing their makeup, made them feel invincible and gorgeous. From that moment, I knew I wanted to spend every day making people feel that way.
My passion in life is to be a beacon of light for people. I want to spread kindness and love to every person I come in contact with, and being an Esthetician acts as such an amazing vessel to do so. Being a performer, teacher, and now a skin therapist: my life has been filled with many blessings. My work is all about returning those blessings, through means of skincare, makeup, and waxing.
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This pandemic has been tough on all of us. The beauty industry has definitely taken quite a hit, as all of us try to figure out how to stay connected to our craft and clients. But just know that we are in this together and in time, we will be able to get back to making people feel beautiful.
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I lost my job in March. So instead of joining another spa, I created my own. The Pride Beauty Lounge is dedicated to helping people rediscover their beauty, and being proud of what makes you, YOU! The future isn’t guaranteed, so my goal NOW is to live and love. If you vibe with that, maybe I’ll see you walking through my doors to come to see me. You’re always welcomed and you will always belong!

Alexander Ramos


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We encourage you to support one another and motivate each other to keep your passion alive even through this uncertain time that we are all going through together. Create new possibilities for yourself and stay strong!

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