Don’t Let a Bad Waxing Experience Get You Down

Don’t Let a Bad Waxing Experience Get You Down

Tips for hiding, fixing, and preventing a waxing disaster

As we mentioned before, waxing is the most painful type of hair removal, and a slip of the aesthetician’s hand can ruin your brows. Then you’re left with sparse or mismatched brows that don’t frame your face. The good news is that hair will grow back. The bad news? It can take anywhere from three to six weeks.

But don’t panic. During those three to six weeks, there are a few techniques you can do to fake full, healthy, properly shaped eyebrows. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Fill them back in

One of the easiest ways to cover up a waxing accident is to fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. If you’re going for a natural look, choose a pencil that is the same color as your eyebrows (or as close to it as you can get). Then, take a pencil and draw your desired brow shape. Once you’re happy with the shape, fill it in using short, light, quick flicks (you want it to look like hair) in the same direction that your hair grows.

If you’re having trouble drawing the shape that you want (not all of us are artists!), buy a set of eyebrow stencils. Most stencil kits come with a few different options, so you’ll have access to a variety of shapes that you can choose from. Hold each one up to your face to figure out which shape you like best. When you’ve selected the stencil you want to use, trace it with your brow pencil and then follow the steps above to just fill it in.

Once you’re happy with how your brows look, use an eyebrow gel to set them and create a thicker, fuller look. We recommend using a gel that’s clear or that’s close to the color of your natural brow. To apply, use the same technique as you did with the eyebrow pencil. Use short, light strokes in the direction your hair grows until you have the look you want.

Stimulate hair growth

If you don’t want to wait the full six weeks for your hairs to grow back, there are some products on the market you can use to get your brows back faster. You’ll want to find a serum that contains peptides. Peptides encourage hair growth.

We recommend massaging a small amount into your eyebrows every night when you do your regular skincare routine. And remember, before trying any new type of brow regrowth product, do a patch test to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction. To do this, just put a few drops on your forearm and wait about 24 hours. If you have a reaction, switch to a different product.

Prevention is crucial

The number one way to avoid a waxing disaster is by switching to tweezing, and that means you need a great pair of tweezers. With some tweezers, it’s easy to overdo it. They can grab too many hairs because they lack precision. Regine tweezers won’t do that. Our tweezers are made in Switzerland by trained craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to every detail.

Regine tweezers have a precise 25-degree angled slant tip perfect for grooming eyebrows and working with delicate contours of the face. Because our tweezers are made from the finest hardened, surgical grade stainless steel, they are rustproof.

Regine tweezers are perfect for grabbing the exact hairs you want to tweeze, nothing more. The tip is designed to easily grip and pull each hair from the root every time, guaranteed.

Before being sent to you, our tweezers go through a 40-step handcrafting process, with each tweezer going under a microscope inspection to ensure the perfect tension and tip alignment (if a tweezer’s tips are off by even a fraction of a millimeter, they won’t work properly).

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