7 Steps to Keep Your Tweezers in Great Shape

7 Steps to Keep Your Tweezers in Great Shape

Taking care of your tweezers will ensure they last a lifetime

Tweezers are essential to any at-home grooming routine, and a good pair of tweezers – that actually work – can be hard to find. You may be used to replacing your tweezers every few years – or maybe even sooner – but that isn’t necessary with a high-quality pair.

When you finally invest in the perfect, high-quality tweezers, they’re going to last a lifetime, especially if you go with Regine. Our 40-step handcrafting process makes all the difference (we even offer a lifetime guarantee!). But, to get the most use out of your investment, you need to take care of your tweezers after you use them.

When it comes to making sure they last a lifetime, there are a few easy things you can do to keep your tweezers in tip-top shape. Below are six steps we recommend you do when you invest in heirloom-quality tweezers. If you consistently do them all, you’ll never need another pair again!

1.  Sanitize your tweezers

You don’t want to use dirty tweezers around your eyes and face. To keep your tweezers clean, you need to sanitize them. After each use, wipe them down using rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth or cotton ball. This will keep them clean and will help prevent bacteria from transferring to your skin next time you use them.

2.  Dry them well

After you sanitize your tweezers, make sure they are completely dry before putting them away. Once they’re dry, make sure you store them in a dry place to keep them in like-new condition.

3.  Use them for tweezing only

Yes, it may be tempting to use your extra-sharp tweezers to rip the seal off other beauty products or to yank a sticker off a new purchase, but don’t do this! Using cosmetic tweezers for anything other than personal grooming can cause damage to the tips or alignment and will keep them from working well in the future.

4. Keep the rubber tip on

If you’ve never bought tweezers that come with a rubber cap, it’s obvious why they keep wearing out. Every pair of Regine tweezers comes with a red rubber cap to protect the tweezer’s tips. That cap should stay on your tweezers whenever you’re not using them. The rubber tip protects your tweezers if you accidentally drop them (see tip #5 below) or if they’re sliding around in a drawer.

5.  Don’t drop them

This one of the most important tips to remember once you invest in high-quality tweezers. Unlike mass-produced tweezers, Regine tweezers go through a 40-step handcrafting process, with each tweezer going under microscope inspection to ensure perfect tip alignment. If a tweezer’s tips are off by even half of a millimeter, they won’t work properly. However, for the alignment to stay perfect for years and years, it is very important that you never drop your tweezers. Taking a big fall can damage the tweezer’s tip or alignment.

6.  Use a light touch

When you’re working with a really difficult strand of hair, it may be tempting to press your tweezers together really hard and pull with all of your strength, but doing that can damage your new pair. When you’re tweezing, use very light pressure. You might have had tweezers in the past that required you to push down really hard to grip the hair and pull it out. This won’t happen with handcrafted Regine tweezers. The 25-degree angled tip is perfect for grabbing each hair and smoothly pulling it out from the root every time, guaranteed.

7.  Store them properly

Perhaps one of our best tips is to use the Slant Tip Tweezer and Magnifying Mirror Compact 2-Piece Set. With this dynamic duo, you have the perfect tweezers and a place to store them so they won’t get damaged. The added bonus? You have an awesome magnifying mirror to use on the go for a quick touch up. Don’t miss out on this ultimate tweezing aide!

Sharpening not required

The one-piece of maintenance you won’t need to do for Regine tweezers? Sharpen them! Other brands out there might send you sharpening instructions or offer free sharpening. This isn’t necessary with Regine tweezers because we temper our steel two times over to harden the metal. This means our tweezers will never dull and never wear out. Plus, they’re made of surgical-grade stainless steel that guarantees strength and durability. It also helps maintain the perfectly aligned tip.

If you follow the steps above, your Regine tweezers will never need to be replaced. World’s Best Tweezers by Regine Switzerland are backed by over a century of tradition, and we’re so confident in the quality of our tweezers that we offer a lifetime guarantee on every pair. Get your pair today!