3 Reasons Why Your Tweezers Don’t Work

3 Reasons Why Your Tweezers Don’t Work

Having the right tool for the job can end the frustration of failed tweezing

When it comes to your eyebrows, removing stray and unwanted hairs is essential to keeping a great shape. And the easiest and best way to do this at home is with tweezers. Now, we know that you might have had your fair share of bad experiences with tweezers. Maybe your old ones can’t grab the hair, maybe they dull after just a few uses, or maybe they grab too many hairs leaving you with barely any brows.

But having a good experience with tweezers is possible. You just need the right tool for the job. When you finally find the right pair of tweezers, you’ll understand why we’re so passionate about our product. The perfect pair will take all the pain and frustration out of tweezing. They’ll never dull and be perfectly aligned, so they actually pull the right hair from the root on your very first try.

Missing the point

So, why do we all have a drawer full of tweezers that just don’t work? Because most tweezers on the market are mass-produced. When tweezers are made this way, mistakes happen. Their level of precision can’t compare to the handmade, hand-inspected tweezers needed for cosmetic tweezing. A quality pair of tweezers shouldn’t be rushed through the manufacturing process. They take time and effort. We’ve put in the time it takes to assess the shortcomings of other tweezers on the market. Here’s what keeps them from working properly:

  • No grip: With mass-produced tweezers, it’s a lot more difficult to grip the hairs you want to remove. Good tweezers need to be even more precise than surgical tools (we take tweezing very seriously!). The reason other tweezers can’t get a good grip is that the tips aren’t perfectly aligned. Even if they are off by a fraction of a millimeter, you’ll have tweezers that just can’t grab the hairs, leaving you frustrated and ready to break up with tweezing forever.
  • Breaking the hair: There’s nothing worse than finally grabbing a strand of hair, only to have it break in half when you tweeze. This occurs when your tweezer tips are too sharp or When this happens, your hair hasn’t been pulled out from the root, meaning you’ll need to tweeze again sooner than the typical 3-6 weeks it takes for the hair to grow back. Hair that breaks instead of being pulled out from the root can also lead to painful ingrown hairs.
  • Losing their edge: Many tweezers are dull right out of the package or haven’t been shaped to the proper angle. With tweezers like this, it’s very difficult to grab the hair. If you do manage to grab one, it will likely slip or break because the tweezers are dull and unable to grip the hair properly.

If you’ve ever had any of these problems with your tweezers, you probably dread the entire tweezing process and have questioned your own ability. Have no fear, it’s not you; it’s definitely them. As with any job, success lies in having the right tools.

The right stuff

Now we know what makes a bad pair of tweezers. But what makes the perfect pair of tweezers?

  • A slanted tip: Angled tips are ideal for cosmetic tweezing (Extra pointy tips are better for tasks like removing splinters). We’ve found that a 25-degree angle is perfect for grooming eyebrows and working with the delicate contours of the face, maximizing comfort and efficiency.
  • Stainless steel: Surgical-grade steel guarantees strength and durability, and it helps maintain the perfectly aligned tip. Stainless steel is also a hypoallergenic material, so it’s great for all skin types (especially sensitive skin!).
  • Hand-etched tip interior: When the tip’s interior is hand-etched, it allows you to easily grip and remove the hair at the root every single time giving you perfectly sculpted brows.
  • Tips that never dull: Think about how many tweezers you’ve had to replace due to dull tips that don’t grip the hairs. Tweezers that last a lifetime need to stay sharp no matter what. At Regine tweezers, we temper our steel two times over to harden the metal. This means our tweezers will never wear out or require sharpening.
  • Correct specifications: The right size, weight, and balance is important, and has been meticulously studied for three generations. Each pair of Regine tweezers is handmade in Switzerland by craftsmen who are devoted to ensuring top quality. We’ve been trusted to make tools for Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Every tweezer goes through a 40-step handcrafting process and is examined under a microscope to ensure aligned tips and the perfect specifications.

A good pair of tweezers should never have to be replaced. We’re so confident that our handmade, heirloom-quality tweezers will be the last pair you’ll ever need that we offer a lifetime guarantee. We know the importance of precision craftsmanship and understand that our tweezers can be the unsung heroes of your beauty routine. World’s Best Tweezers by Regine Switzerland are backed by over a century of tradition and our signature unconditional lifetime guarantee. Check out our tweezers to see the difference quality makes.